Concrete Repair – A Cost Effective Alternative To Replacement

concrete-repairConcrete. Lifting. The crew repaired an uneven ADA handicap ramp. This type of repair is performed when the concrete has settled over time. The concrete area has to be in good shape in order to perform this type of repair. Portholes are drilled in the concrete section that has settled, then a concrete grout mixture is pumped into the concrete until it meets the proper grade.

How Does Mudjacking Work?

Concrete Lifting and Concrete Levelling (sometimes referred to as concret repair or ‘mudjacking‘) is a cost effective and quite common repair method that has been used for many years, mostly in the midwest region of the United States. Now, professional mudjacking contractors can be found in just about every city in the U.S.

Concrete Lifting, concrete Levelling, Mudjacking

While the concept of concrete lifting may be very simple, it should only be attempted by professionals because it requires experience and specialized equipment to get the concrete to lift just right. Careless or improper use of mudjacking equipment could result in destruction of the concrete, damage to property or severe injury to people.

A.A.T. Infra-Red, Inc. can return sunken concrete to near its original elevation for a fraction of the cost to replace concreteMudjacking is faster, cleaner, and more effective than concrete replacement. In addition to that, Mudjacking usually provides a permanent fix to your concrete problems.


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