Asphalt and Blacktop: Making Asphalt Surfaces Last

Asphalt and Blacktop: Techniques for Making Asphalt Surfaces Last

Asphalt pavement maintenance is a planned, calculated system of treating asphalt pavement surfaces at the proper, predetermined time (based on surface conditions) to maximize the surface’s useful life. Doing this greatly increases the useful life of the asphalt pavement surface at the lowest cost.

Generally speaking, asphalt pavement surfaces perform well under loads until a particular point in their life, at which time they deteriorate until the eventual failure of the surface. After many years of experience in the asphalt paving and pavement maintenance business, we know without a doubt that spending only $1 on asphalt pavement maintenance BEFORE that point eliminates or delays spending $6 to $10 dollars on future maintenance or reconstruction costs.

The fact is that asphalt pavement surface maintenance can mean performing maintenance of the asphalt pavement surface even when there is nothing apparently wrong with it. The main reason for asphalt surface deterioration is that owners wait until a problem develops before they call an asphalt pavement maintenance company.


What should happen, instead, is to start the pavement maintenance regimen before the deterioration becomes obvious and out of hand. If the structure is good, we can keep water out of the pavement, prevent oxidation of the asphalt, and maintain good skid resistance. With proper asphalt pavement maintenance techniques, we improve the asphalt surface performance and extend their life significantly.

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