Asphalt and Concrete Construction Services That We Offer

AAT Infrared is a Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin leader in new and replacement asphalt and concrete paving, repair and maintenance services. Since 1999, we’ve been taking care of the asphalt and concrete needs of home and business owners who demand value and quality of service – all at a reasonable and competitive price.

When you work with the asphalt and concrete professionals at AAT Infrared, the job seems to move along effortlessly. Professionally. And in a timely manner.

Our asphalt paving crews will install your new or replacement driveway, parking area, roadway or parking lot with speed and accuracy – all while ensuring that the work is performed in a manner that is consistent with the long life and durability of the surface. Our professional asphalt and concrete paving crews have the equipment, the knowledge and the experience to deliver a superbly paved surface that is sure to bring you many years of great service.

One of the services that we offer that sets us apart from our competitors is Infrared Asphalt Repairs. You see, there are many instances and circumstances that exist with deteriorating asphalt that indicate a need for infrared asphalt repair and NOT complete asphalt removal and replacement.

Infrared asphalt repair is used in many circumstances and applications – from driveways, to parking lots to roadways – and is a very cost effective and long lasting alternative to asphalt and blacktop replacement. We can consult with you at your home or place of business to determine if infrared asphalt repairs are right for your particular circumstance.

You may have just had a new asphalt or blacktop surface installed at your home or place of business a few years ago. The secret to a long and useful life of a new asphalt or blacktop surface is proper and timely maintenance of that surface. That is why AAT offers asphalt sealcoating and crackfilling services. Properly sealcoating and crackfilling of your asphalt surface ensures that you get the longest, most dependable use out of it.

We use only the highest quality asphalt sealer and crack filling materials and products and we apply them in the most professional and optimal way to ensure long life and durability. We brush apply the asphalt sealer to all driveways and ensure that all cracks are properly and thoroughly filled to ensure the best possible application and adherence of the sealer product to the asphalt surface. Taking these specific steps translates into a longer lasting, better looking asphalt seal coating job for you, which translates into savings.

And for those of you who require parking lot striping and pavement marking services after we seal coat and crack fill your asphalt parking lot, parking area or roadway, we offer professional parking lot striping and pavement marking services. A newly striped and marked parking lot or roadway ensures a convenient, well marked, safe and easy to navigate area for your customers.

We offer new concrete and cement paving and installation services for both residential and commercial clients across Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. We install new driveways, parking lots and parking areas, sidewalks, walkways, patios and other concrete surfaces.

At AAT, we also specialize in Decorative, Stamped and Stained concrete projects. When you have the Concrete Professionals at AAT design and install your new decorative concrete driveway, sidewalk, patio, pool deck or walkway, you KNOW you’re getting the job done right….the first time.

Again, one of the services that we offer that sets us apart from our competitors is Concrete Repair, sometimes referred to as Mudjacking or Concrete Lifting.

The winter months in the Midwest can be long, cold and harsh, and with those conditions come the need for concrete and asphalt maintenance services during those times. The concrete and asphalt maintenance professionals at AAT offer an entire complement of snow plowing, snow removal and salting services for both residential and commercial customers alike.

If you have any questions about our services or would like a free consultation to determine YOUR needs, call us today at 815-966-0164. Mention that you saw this video commercial and receive a special discount just for doing so. When you deal with AAT Infrared of Rockford, Illinois, you can rest easy knowing that your complete and total satisfaction is just a handshake…….and a smile……away.

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