Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Charging Your Vehicle on the Road

AAT Infrared, Inc, was contracted to install one of the new Tesla Power Stations, see the photo below. As of May 2013, there were 214 public charging stations in the Chicago metro area. Most of these stations are equipped with Level 2 chargers – some are equipped with direct-current (DC) fast chargers.


Government agencies and organizations across the country are working to install public charging stations. Model S plugs into these stations with the included J1772 adapter. While many of the public stations being installed today can be used at full power with just the Single Charger, you may encounter some high amperage charging stations in the wild. If you plan to take road trips, we recommend outfitting your Model S with Twin Chargers.

There are many resources for finding charging stations as you plan your trip. On the road, the Model S Touchscreen can help you find charging stations along the way if needed.


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Tesla unveiled a new charging station that can charge up to four Tesla Model S vehicles at the Normal, IL, Uptown Station parking garage. This station is part of a nationwide charging station network that Tesla announced in May 2013 and that  the company is fully funding. According to a company spokesperson, the aim of the network is to make chargers available on well-traveled routes, every 80-100 miles in between metro areas.

The Tesla Model S has an EPA-estimated range of 200+ miles, and “super-chargers” like those unveiled in Normal this week can re-charge the cars in about 40 minutes — or, if preferred, about 3 hours worth of driving in just 20 minutes. The direct-current, or DC, charge is much more powerful than typical 120- or 240-volt outlets found in most homes.

The Tesla Supercharger recharges Model S quickly. Super quickly. Superchargers are for refueling quickly on road trips. A Supercharger can replenish half the battery in as little as 20 minutes. All Model S vehicles with the 85 kWh battery can use Superchargers as can properly equipped 60 kWh battery vehicles. Superchargers will be positioned at convenient locations along major interstates throughout the country.

The most convenient time to charge is often at night, when your car is parked in your garage. Simply plug in when you arrive home. Model S will charge right away or at the time you’ve scheduled using the Touchscreen or a smart phone. Long before morning, your car will be charged and ready for the next adventure.

Fort those that are not out on the road when they want to charge their Tesla vehicle, Tesla offers a High Power Wall Connector, which is installed on a 240 volt circuit and can be supplied with up to twice the amperage as an outlet. At maximum amperage it supplies two times more power than the Single Charger can process. This is where Twin Chargers come into play, doubling the charging capacity to 20 kW to match the output of the High Power Wall Connector.

Normal’s Uptown Station, like other super-charger locations, is strategically located near shopping and dining opportunities to encourage drivers to spend time and money at local businesses while their car is “at the pump.”

While only the Tesla Model S can use these new chargers, there are more than 50 chargers in the Bloomington-Normal area — including 6 in the same parking structure — that can be used by any electric vehicle. According to the Bloomginton Pantagraph, there are more than 200 electric vehicles registered in the Twin Cities. Statewide, there are more than 500 Tesla owners.

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