What Services Do We Offer at AAT Infrared?

A.A.T. Infra-Red, Inc. is the Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin area’s leader for all of your residential or commercial asphalt paving and installation, asphalt seal coating and parking lot striping, asphalt crack filling, concrete paving and pouring, concrete flat work, concrete lifting and leveling (concrete repairs) and infra-red asphalt repairs. We also handle all of your asphalt maintenance and concrete maintenance needs. We have built a reputation of quality work, timely service, and competitive prices.

Since 1999, A.A.T. Infra-Red, Inc. has been doing all types of concrete and asphalt work. With our asphalt paving, excavating and custom services, we’ve built a reputation for honest work and personal integrity. We specialize in CONCRETE and ASPHALT paving. Trust A.A.T. Infra-Red, Inc. for your next asphalt or concrete project. Call us today!

Asphalt Paving Projects

1204131242Paved asphalt surfaces are designed to last on average 25 years – more or less, depending on the maintenance that is afforded the surface during its lifetime. The beauty of properties are truly enhanced by the clean, smooth look of professionally installed asphalt pavement. Other benefits of installing asphalt (or blacktop as it is sometimes referred to) include enhanced safety – mostly because tripping hazards are minimized, dust control is greatly improved and the reduced maintenance time that new asphalt surfaces afford.

Asphalt paving falls into three categories: New Construction, Resurfacing and Repaired (patched). As an asphalt paving contractor in Rockford Illinois, we perform every type of asphalt construction project. These projects include areas such as parking lots, driveways, walkways and bike cart paths or golf cart paths. We also provide specialty concrete construction including curbs, gutters, trench drains or catch basins, dumpster pads, and related paving areas – areas that are better suited for concrete. A.A.T. Infrared, Inc. offers complete services for asphalt repair, maintenance, and resurfacing. Our experienced crews routinely work with tight construction schedules while coordinating our work with other trades.

Asphalt Repair Projects

asphalt-repairRepairing Asphalt (using infrared asphalt repair techniques)is an extremely cost efficient method for fixing the asphalt surface at your home or place of business. Badly cracked areas and depressions in your asphalt give it an old, unsightly appearance (not to mention makes it unsafe) that is easily corrected by any one of our many asphalt repair services.

Serious problems can begin to occur from even just a few cracks that go unrepaired. Left unrepaired, cracks will allow moisture to penetrate the asphalt surface. Water expands as it freezes, so moisture in the cracks usually will do the greatest amount of damage in the winter months. A.A.T. Infrared, Inc. uses only the highest quality and grade of hot rubber material to fill cracks in your asphalt because the rubber allows the sealant to expand and contract with the pavement as the temperature fluctuates. Cheaper crack fillers that are sold in stores become hard when cured and crack again quickly as the pavement moves allowing moisture to penetrate again.

Brick Paver Projects

brick-paversHardscapes, like Brick Pavers, or non-living elements of your outdoor space, provide important finishing details to your landscape. A walkway can delineate and complete your flowerbeds and lawn; a patio offers a space for relaxing and grilling. These elements offer both aesthetic and functional appeal to your outdoor living rooms. Retaining walls can reclaim more usable property and help with drainage issues. Our skilled and certified installers have many years of installation experience, and our designers can help you determine where and how to plan for hardscapes. Seat walls make your patio and outdoor living areas more functional.

Driveways, walkways, patios, and walls are all major components of the outdoor landscape. The design and material selection of these elements is extremely important in creating welcoming and harmonious environments. AAT Infrared, Inc. has all of your hardscape needs covered.

Concrete Paving Projects

CaptureAs a commercial and residential concrete contractor in Rockford, Illinois, we are experts in all areas of concrete construction projects including flatwork for parking lots, walkways, sidewalks, patios and slabs as well as specialty concrete construction such as curbs, gutters, trench drains or catch basins, dumpster pads, sidewalks, islands, loading docks and ramps. For consumer focused businesses we offer stamped and colored concrete. We are experienced in working with tight construction schedules and coordinating our work with other trades and our crews are trained in safe work practices while our company is fully insured.

We are also experts at installing large concrete paving projects. For replacement projects, our crews remove and dispose of all of the old concrete materials. We take the time and implement the measures necessary to minimize any damage to lawns, landscaping or structures.

Concrete Repair Projects

restoration-stairsWe have been repairing concrete since 1999. Concrete Lifting (slabjacking or mudjacking, as it is commonly referred to), is a very cost effective alternative to replacing sunken or unlevel concrete. Concrete repair is done by drilling (appproximately) 1 5/8″ holes through the slab then pumping, (under hydraulic pressure), concrete (cement) grout underneath the sunken slab. As the grout mixture fills the empty spaces beneath the surface, the voids and depressions are filled and the slab is raised back to the desired height. This method of raising concrete can be used to lift sidewalks, stoops, driveways, pool decks, garage floors, patios, factory floors, office floors, streets, and airport runways.

Concrete Lifting can also be used for surface stabilization as well as to fill holes caused by animals and/or soil erosion. Concrete raising is the alternative to costly replacement. A.A.T. Infrared, Inc. is committed to providing top quality concrete repair services to homeowners, schools, churches, municipalities, property managers.

Decorative Concrete Projects

decorative-concreteDecorative concrete is growing in popularity rapidly, mostly due to the many benefits it has over its alternatives. Decorative concrete is installed and used for walkways, patios, driveway and mores. The old, boring gray concrete is a thing of the past and is now being transformed into visually appealing and eye catching designs which adds value to your home or property.

Another benefit of decorative concrete is the fact that it is being very cost effective. Some other benefits of stamped concrete, imprinted concrete or stained concrete are their beautiful presentations, the very low maintenance (to non-existent) requirements, not to mention its durability, flexibility and affordability.

Excavating Projects

Backhoe-Excavating-Trench-for-CulvertWe can provide site preparation on a wide variety of projects.  We have extensive experience in developing commercial and light industrial sites, residential properties and other types of multi-unit projects. Consulting with us early in the design process of your project will allow us to work closely with all involved parties to deliver a product that is appealing and cost effective. We offer complete service on all projects and take pride in delivering a completed project on time and within budget.

We can also demolish and remove old buildings and houses, buildings, concrete, asphalt, scrap metals, brush.  Whether your demolition project is large or small, our utilization of modern recycling methods decreases environmental impact and cost. Our fast and efficient service as well as direct access to area landfills makes the price of our services vary appealing to many clients.

Sealcoating, Crackfilling & Parking Lot Striping Projects

PNC-Bank-Lombard2Getting your asphalt parking lot redone with new striping will brighten up those old worn out parking areas. Although appearance is a definite bonus, safe and sound traffic and pedestrian passage is the main key to completing an effective striping project. Traffic flow and pavement markings in retail parking areas and parking lots are critical elements in curtailing and minimizing vehicular and pedestrian related accidents. Multi-family complexes define the proper parking spaces for each tenant and every commercial building must also comply with ADA marking standards and guidelines. Proper parking lot striping is one of the main elements of a safe parking area.

Since 1999, we have offered our customers a full complement of asphalt striping and pavement marking services. Whether you need new striping or pavement markings or simply asphalt maintenance services, we can fulfill your every need. Also, our technicians can design a comprehensive maintenance program for your pavement that is created and tailored to your specific traffic patterns and work environment. With regularly scheduled maintenance, A.A.T. Infrared, Inc. can help improve the appearance and extend the life of your asphalt pavement.

Snow Plowing Projects

Snow plowA.A.T. Property Maintenance has providing snow plowing and salting service to Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin since 1999. Our business is not a sideline to landscaping or any other service. We have experienced, devoted snow removal crews and we provide prompt emergency service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We have unparalelled access to salt supplies even when others find themselves in times of shortage. We ork in shifts and, as such, provide constant maintenance for 24 hour operations.

Our client base includes the likes of places such as heath care providers, industrial customers, retail malls and outlets, schools, home owners and the list goes on. We enlist the technological aid of dedicated meteorological service provides, which helps us to pinpoint real-time weather information quickly and accurately. We know, after years of experience, that accurate weather forecasting is a key element in providing reliable snow plowing services. Because of this knowledge and experience, we strive to stay on top of the snow removal, salt spreading and de-icing industry – to serve you better and faster.