Chatham Court Apartments

Chatham Court Apartments, Rockford, IL. Infrared / Thermal Repairs. The repairs were performed with minimal disruption to normal traffic flow. Once the repairs were complete, the area was open for normal traffic. The crew completed the repairs in approximately 8 hours.  Check out the video following the pictures and get an idea of ‘What To Expect When Having Infrared Asphalt Repairs’ performed.



Infrared asphalt repairs are ideal for repairing settlement, cracks, bumps, low spots, potholes, utility cuts, seam bonding and manhole cover ramping. With the infrared process we can achieve a seamless asphalt repair that blends beautifully with the existing pavement, even when the pavement is at a temperature well below zero degrees farenhiet.

With conventional ‘saw cut and remove’ asphalt patching (sometimes referred to as ‘cold patching’), cracks in the repaired area usually form where the hot asphalt was placed against the cold edge of the surrounding asphalt. Cracking does not occur with the infrared process because the edge of the repair area is thermally bonded with the existing asphalt. Without cold joints, there is no point of weakness!

Performing an infrared asphalt repair is a six step process, with the first step being to properly clean the area of any and all loose debris, rocks and free standing water.

It’s been asked by some customers who is responsible for cleaning the asphalt prior to us repairing it, and the answer to that question simple: We want to perform this step ourselves because we use a special piece of equipment known as a ‘asphalt power blower’ to properly clear the asphalt surface of debris, rocks and free standing water.

The next step in the process of repairing your asphalt or blacktop surface is for us to position and place the infrared thermal heater over the damaged asphalt area and allow the infrared thermal heating equipment to super heat the damaged asphalt area for about 10 minutes. This ensures that the damaged asphalt is brought back to a workable temperature.

Once the damaged asphalt area is heated to the appropriate temperature, we remove the infrared thermal asphalt heating device from the damaged area.

Now we’ll move on to do what is known as ‘scarifying’ the asphalt pavement in order to re-mix the asphalt and prepare it for adding of new asphalt mix. We scarify the area to an approximate depth of 2 inches to ensure that the area being repaired is in a consistent state prior to adding the new asphalt mix.

Once the damaged asphalt area is scarified, we remove any and all damaged pavement from the area and we haul away and and all debris to an authorized dumping facility. AAT Infrared, Inc is a Green, Earth Friendly company….we recycle all of the debris materials taken from all of our job sites. We’ll then proceed to add new asphalt hot mix to the existing, super heated asphalt area and set the grade on the area being repaired.

The final step in the infrared asphalt repair process is to allow the repaired area to cool down. Within an hour after compacting the repaired area and after allowing the area to NATURALLY cool – as well as allowing the repaired area to cool by means of the vibratory plate compactor’s water fed cooling system – we are ready and able to open the drive lane or repaired area to traffic.

In most cases, you can drive on your newly repaired asphalt almost immediately; roughly an hour after we complete the repairs. There are some extreme cases where the time necessary to allow driving on the repaired asphalt surface is greater than normal.

In any case, we will be able to recommend the appropriate curing time based on your particular circumstance and situation after the repairs are completed.

At AAT Infrared of Rockford Illinois, we take pride in providing YOU, our valued customer, with an UNBEATABLE level of service and commitment to quality and to your complete satisfaction. If you have any questions about this process or would like a free consultation to determine YOUR needs, call us today at 815-966-0164.