Steve Stroud – Residential Customer

Decorative Concrete & Asphalt Driveway.
Installed for Steve Stroud of Rockford, IL. The crew did a beautiful Job. Notice the attention to detail with both the concrete, boulder and driveway.  The customer was very happy and you can see why. If you want a great looking front porch, patio and driveway contact us now for a free estimate. Thanks again to Steve and the crew. If you would like to view this job in person the address is: 6052 Bristlecone Ln. ~ Rockford, IL 61109

Decorative Concrete

Asphalt Driveway

Asphalt Driveway and Decorative Concrete Front Deck Area

Decorative Concrete Driveways, Decorative Concrete Patios and Decorative Concrete Sidewalks have become very popular. We have an impressive line of concrete paving services for both residential and commercial applications.

Since 1999 as paving contractors in the Rockford area (and surrounding Northern Illinois communities), we also specialize in more modern services such as Paving Stone Installation, Pavement Recycling, Decorative, Colored, Imprinted, Stained and Stamped Concrete.

Decorative Concrete Front Patio
Decorative concrete is generally available in a couple of diufferent types or styles….as fresh poured concrete that is transformed while it’s being installed (giving the effect of stamped concrete or stenciled concrete) and also as a topcoat (overlay) that is installed over an existing concrete surface, thereby affecting the look after it is installed. Some examples of decorative concrete styles are stamped overlay, imprinted, stained, spray coat or stenciled concrete and a recoat broom finish.

Determining which of these decorative concrete styles would be the best solution for your particular decorative concrete project can be either exciting or confusing (sometimes both), because we have many styles of decorative concrete to choose from. Let our 23 years in business guide you – we can assist you in figuring out which style of decorative concrete will work best for you.

The first step would be determining if you are having fresh poured decorative concrete installed or a decorative concrete overlay. From that point, our professional estimator will survey the area checking for problemss that may need to be addressed. Finally, the estimator can show you your options whether it be stenciled concrete, stamped concrete or another option.

Depending on the surface, your interest (and, of course, your budget), we can do something simple like a decorative concrete paint, or as involved as a fresh poured decorative concrete surface.

Remove and Replace Existing Asphalt Pavement
Remove Pavement: Remove existing asphalt pavement and haul away the excess debris. Install base stone as needed, adjust and set final grade and compact the base.

Install Pavement: Hot mix asphalt will be installed at various depths depending on the asphalt project requirements. A new asphalt driveway is typically 2″ compacted, while a parking lot varies from 3″ to 6″ depending on the requirements of the project and the expected application of the surface. The final grade is adjusted and the asphalt pavement is compacted.

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